New Proposed Wind Farm Could Power 5% of Nova Scotia

Mersey River Wind’s proposed wind farm in Nova Scotia is an exciting new development in the province's push toward clean renewable energy generation. The proposed wind farm would generate up to 148.5 megawatts of renewable energy coming from 33 wind turbines up to 180m tall, making it one of the largest wind farms in Canada.

The proposed wind farm has received a lot of support from local residents and community groups, who see it as an opportunity to create jobs and boost the local economy. The wind farm would create hundreds of new jobs during the construction of the wind farm and once complete, would require six to 12 permanent technicians.

One of the main benefits of the proposed wind farm is that it would generate clean, renewable energy that would help reduce Nova Scotia's dependence on energy coming from fossil fuels. The wind farm would produce enough energy to meet approximately 5% of Nova Scotia’s electricity demand, which would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help Nova Scotia accelerate their goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

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