New Transmission Line Will Provide Clean Energy for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Nova Scotia Power has plans to upgrade a transmission line that connects New Brunswick with Nova Scotia. These new plans will help the provinces transition away from coal and towards clean renewable energy by 2030. The power utility has filed an application with the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Climate Change, which seeks approval for working on the transmission line.

Nova Scotia Power has been planning this project for almost a decade, but the project gained traction last week when the Ottawa, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia governments made an agreement to work together to reduce fossil fuel usage. This project would be a slightly smaller version of the Atlantic Loop. The price for the whole system from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick would cost 1.4 billion dollars. There is hope that Ottawa’s federal government will share some of the cost. This transmission line will help the provinces meet their renewable energy targets, balance wind generation, and strengthen the grid. If the application is approved, the transmission line could be in use by the end of 2027.

As provinces such as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are making greater efforts to adopt clean renewable energy, it is important that we do the same to reach Canada’s net-zero carbon footprint goals. The Anorra Turbines and Towers are a viable option for rural homeowners, tiny homeowners, and cottage owners to help reduce climate change impacts by adopting wind-based clean renewable energy.

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