Potential of Distributed Wind: Power For your Dwelling

Distributed wind refers to wind turbines and projects of various sizes, ranging from small turbines on private land to large wind farms. These distributed wind systems can either provide all the power needed at a specific location or supplement the grid to offset utility bills.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the U.S. Department of Energy, there is substantial potential for behind-the-meter distributed wind in the country. The analysis suggests that almost 1,400 gigawatts (GW) of distributed wind capacity could be deployed profitably across the United States. This indicates that distributed wind has a valuable role to play in the nation's electricity future, with the possibility of tens of gigawatts of distributed wind energy becoming economically viable over time. At the present time there is no such report for Canada, but Canada and the USA shared common elements for their electrical grid system and the report’s finding can easily apply to Canada.

The article also highlights two specific applications of distributed wind power: community wind power and residential wind energy. Community wind projects involve multiple wind turbines connected to a local grid, supplying electricity to the community electrical grid rather than the main utility transmission grid. The benefits of such projects largely remain within the local community. On the other hand, residential wind energy allows individual landowners to harness wind energy using a limited number of wind turbine on their property. They can use this energy to power their homes and other buildings, either by staying off the grid or by connecting the turbine to the grid and earn credit dollars.

In summary, distributed wind power has significant potential, with the capacity to provide a substantial portion of a nation’s electricity needs. It offers benefits at various scales, from individual residential applications to community-level projects, while also supporting local economic development.

The Anorra is one of these products that can be applied to individual residential applications. As previously mentioned, whether it is to provide the energy needed to a specific location or to sell the energy back to the grid to offset bills. There is a lot of potential in wind energy and our Anorra is a great product to help capture the potential.

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