How can you power your tiny home with sustainable energy?

You want to transition to a tiny home? Great! You want to reduce your carbon footprint? Even better! But you don’t want to break the bank to do it? Obviously!

If you are someone that is currently transitioning or thinking of transitioning to an eco friendly tiny house, one of the most important pieces of the move you need to figure out is energy. Where you will get your source of energy from and how efficient and reliable it will be. One major aspect of tiny homes most people tend to face difficulty with is the accessibility to grid energy. Especially if you are in a mobile or container tiny home, you want to make sure you have sufficient access to power your living. Let’s be real, you can live without a couple hundred square feet, but you can’t really do without electricity.

There are actually many different options for powering your tiny dwelling. Obviously, there is the option to use diesel but at what cost? Not only is diesel expensive, but it is also counterproductive in terms of reducing your carbon footprint. Solar panels and wind turbines are environmentally friendly, financially friendly routes to go about powering your tiny homes. Solar panels have been a popular source of energy thus far, but it still lacks complete reliability due to cloudy days and nighttime hours. Wind turbines are relatively new to the market but can generate similar, if not greater amounts of energy and eliminate the effects of cloudy days. Let’s take it one step further by creating a hybrid model with both solar panels AND microgeneration wind turbines such as the Anorra. This combination is able to fill in the gaps of both energy models resulting in efficient and reliable energy all year round!

There are many benefits to microgeneration wind turbines. Here are a few links that can help better understand the concept:

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