Regulations on Installing a Home Wind Turbine

When installing a wind turbine near your home, cottages, or tiny homes, you need to be aware of the required approvals and permits for your area. In cities, residential wind turbines are currently not allowed, while rural areas have flexibility since dwellings have good separation. Below are additional factors to consider:
  •  An electricity inspection is required for all systems that generate electricity.
  • Noise is another factor that is a concern for a home wind turbine and should be considered when selecting one. The wind turbine must meet noise requirements for the relevant location. In Ontario, for example, acceptable exterior noise levels are between 40 and 60 dBA. Our Anorra home wind turbine is quieter than a dishwasher at 100 feet away with 54 dBA. Check out the infographic on Anorra noise levels.

Depending on the location and nature of the project, there could be other approvals and permits you need. To determine what they are, check with your local municipal department. All of these are important to ensure there are no legal roadblocks to installing a home wind turbine at your location.

Our Anorra home wind turbines are best suited for:

  • Cottage owners
  • Tiny homeowners
  • Rural dwellings

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