Renewable wind energy contributions to the Canadian economy

The Canadian economy consists of many sectors that increase and decrease the GDP of this beautiful country! Today, we will be focusing on the positive impacts that renewable wind energy has on Canada and its economy.

Before we get straight into this topic, it would be helpful to understand exactly what wind energy is and why it needs to continue to grow in Canada, let alone across the globe! By checking out this fantastic article you will be fully set to engage in the following topic of discussion.

One of the most beneficial impacts of wind energy on the Canadian economy is that it creates jobs for people of all ages and skills. Including work fields such as engineering, transportation, business, and many more. Renewable wind energy accounts for 3.5% of electricity generated in the country (the second most used renewable source). Something more impressive is that Canada's renewable energy sector is expected to grow a third faster than the entire Canadian economy, this includes wind energy! You can expect the wind energy sector to continue to grow for years to come.

Now, what about costs related to owning your own microgeneration wind turbine? After they are built and installed, they hardly require any additional variable costs. Maintaining them is very inexpensive especially if you own The Anorra microgeneration wind turbine! In Canada, we are blessed to have excellent winds and we should be thankful that these winds allow us to enjoy the benefits of renewable wind energy. If you are interested in checking out the average wind speed near you, be sure to take advantage of this infographic. When we look at our neighbors in the U.S.A we see the same types of outcomes happening in their wind energy industry. Across North America and specifically in Canada, it is quite apparent that the increased wind energy investments are boosting the lives of the individuals in the industry and in turn the Canadian economy.


If you would like to join the up-to-date and growing wave of wind energy sustainability and help improve the Canadian economy, please check out the Anorra. The Anorra is 100% Canadian and 85% of our parts are sourced in Canada!

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