Renewables Generated 23.3% Of Electric Power in US

According to new data from the US Energy Information Administration, renewable energy sources increased in the first two-thirds of this year ., Nearly a quarter of electric power generation in the United States came from clean energy sources in the first eight months of 2022.

Based on the EIA's "Electric Power Monthly" report for August of this year, renewables generated 23.3 percent of electric power in the United States, up from 20.6 percent the previous year.

Wind power generation increased by 22% and accounted for 10% of total electrical output in the first two-thirds of 2022. Solar sources increased by 26.9 percent and accounted for 5% of total electricity output in the country. Hydropower increased 10.5 percent and accounted for 6.7 percent of total electrical output. Geothermal increased by 0.7 percent. Electricity generated from wood and other biomass sources fell by 2.1 percent.

Renewable energy sources outpaced coal by 17.9 percent and nuclear by 32.3 percent. Renewables have risen from fourth to second place in the last five years, while coal and nuclear have fallen to third and fourth place, respectively.

With Russia’s impact on the energy market, fossil fuels continue to decrease and renewable sources like wind and solar are increasing. As we are in the last third of the year, we can expect wind energy to increase as winter is around the corner and average wind speeds as we know will be increasing.

This transition is exactly what we need to see in the years to come, to ensure our world is salvageable. 

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