Simple Ways to Measure Your Property Lines

Dwelling owners interested in installing a Borrum Energy Solutions wind turbine need to find a location with enough space to raise and lower the tower, safe anchor placement, and the best orientation on the property. Borrum Energy Solutions Offers a free service to help identify the best tower + anchor location/orientation for the dwelling owner. This service would require mapping out property boundaries and a preferred tower location within the property. Dwelling owners may find it difficult to make measurements around a property as they may not be at the location for the moment or have the tools to measure.

Thankfully there are property measuring apps for both IOS and Android that use satellite imaging and precision GPS to measure out any shape on any sized property right from your cell phone. The following are two satellite/GPS measuring apps that will assist you in mapping out the best location for your Borrum Energy Solutions microgeneration wind turbine.


Area Calculator for land

This Land calculator connects to your phone's GPS and enables the app to track and measure all your movements from an assigned start point as you walk around your property until turned off. This app allows you to get the best measurements on any shape/size property. Once complete the app allows you to save a bird’s eye view of the mapped-out area with measurements as a PDF file.


And Measure (area and distance)

This free app allows you to measure distance and calculate the area between points on a map with up to 80% accuracy. The app opens into a satellite map where you find a location you wish to measure out and simply place some pins. The app will measure the distance from pin to pin across any property. This app gives the flexibility of measuring areas and distances anywhere in the world.

These apps allow dwelling owners to send a measured and easy-to-read map of the preferred tower and anchor location to Borrum Energy Solutions. Where our Tower and Anchor Location Optimization Tool will locate the best location to raise your Borrum Energy Solutions wind turbine.



Tower and Anchor Location Optimization Tool


Area calculator for land

AndMeasure (area and distance)

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