Tower and Anchor Location Optimization Tool

Borrum Energy Solutions is launching a new service which helps a dwelling owner identify the best location and orientation for the Anorra and the Anorra plus tower systems on any property shape. The service considers multiple factors such as property perimeters, obstructions on and off property, safety standards and dominant wind direction. The service computes the best location on the selected property for the tower while also calculating the minimum and maximum anchor placement distance in line with Canadian safety regulations.

This service takes the guess work out of identifying the ideal location to place the tower base and anchors while ensuring all safety standards are met, saving you time and peace of mind. Take advantage of this free service by sending an email at with your address (longitude and latitude), preferred tower location perimeters (example  images below), your name and we’ll get back to you with the optimal tower base location and orientation.



Anorra Brochure

Anorra Plus Brochure

Selecting The Right Tower Height

Anorra Footprint