Solution for Wind Turbine Related Bird Deaths

Wind Turbines have always been questioned regarding the safety of birds. Many people believe that Wind Turbines are hazardous as birds end up flying into them and are killed. To reduce this risk companies have been trying to implement ways turbines can detect birds and either pause when their near or emit warning sounds. These plans are very costly and require a lot more work to implement. In a recent article by Ian Mount, it is stated that scientist believe that they have found a solution that is not only simple but costs a lot less than the high-tech solutions. That solution is black turbines blades. As simple as it sounds it truly does the job.

BES is a few steps ahead of this recent discovery. Our turbines were already designed to have black blades. Not only do these blades help eliminate the risk of killing birds but we found that they are effective in reducing the risk of icing. By having black blades, heat is absorbed from the sunlight and ice formation is reduced. With the extreme cold weather in Canada this is very effective. For more information regarding our turbine design visit our website.

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