The Anorra: Our Turbine Explained

Borrum Energy Solutions' consumer-ready wind turbine, the Anorra, is among the leading microgeneration wind turbines available. We are here to answer a few common questions such as "What is microgeneration?", "What can I power with it?", "Is it suitable for my lifestyle?", "Can I even set it up without a headache?". Let's dive right in. First up:

What is Microgeneration Wind Power?

Microgeneration wind power, sometimes called residential wind power, is using a wind turbine to provide heat or electricity for homes or non-commercial buildings. As it is "behind the meter", using a small turbine can take homes off-the-grid and provide an independent energy source. Additionally, wind power is green energy; producing no greenhouse gas emissions, using a renewable resource, and some turbines are recyclable at the end of their life (including ours). Using a residential wind turbine allows you to reap the benefits of wind power on a small scale, without relying on governing bodies to make the switch to green energy. 

What can I Power with The Anorra?

Our turbine, The Anorra, can be used to power both AC and DC units. This means that it can be used to charge batteries - which in turn power electronics, lights, etc. - or it can be connected directly to heating units. With more energy loss when converted into battery power, we recommend using The Anorra for radiant or water heat generation for maximum efficiency. 

Check out our connection guides to see how it would fit into your home. 

Is it Suitable for my Lifestyle?

The turbine requires quite a bit of space to be set up and raised. The Anorra was designed for those living in rural or remote communities, in smaller dwellings or for cottages and hunting camps. The Anorra is also a perfect fit for stationary Tiny Homes who live on a medium-sized property (or can find the space to set up the turbine).  

Can I set it up Easily?

No need for headaches, our team offers support during installation. The turbine was also designed to be simple to install and raise; it requires only common household tools and a vehicle such as a truck, SUV, ATV or tractor, The turbine itself comes pre-assembled, so once the tower is built laying flat with the turbine attached, you can raise the tower with your vehicle of choice. Finally, get your electrical connections inspected and you're off - off-grid that is! If you run into any problems, our team is a call or email away. 

Want to learn more? Send us an email and we would be happy to answer all of your questions. 


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