The Anorra: Reliable in the Harshest Environments

Wind warnings are in place for all areas of Nova Scotia, with forecasted wind gusts as high as 100  km/hr and up to 100 mm of rain this week. As the Maritimes are hit with a storm surge, many consumers may be wondering how reliable the Anorra Turbines and Towers will be. Fortunately, the Anorra Turbines and Towers have been designed to withstand wind speeds much greater than 100 km/h. The tower systems are designed to withstand winds up to 189 km/hr1.

 There are many features that allow the Anorra to withstand cold environments. Firstly, it has carbon fiber blades tested independently to 220km/hr. This material will not deform when the temperature changes, ensuring the best power generation at all times. The Anorra also has black blades, which absorb heat and help to prevent ice formation. Furthermore, there is an ice-minimizing coating, which is a special coating on the blades that prevents icing in cold and high-humidity environments. Last of all, there is a robust furling system that includes no coils or springs that could become brittle and break in cold temperatures. The Anorra generator has been tested by an independent laboratory to temperatures reaching -50 degrees Celsius. With these features, it is clear that the Anorra can deal with tough environments.

 As winter approaches, the likelihood of harsh storms and wind is increasing. Rest assured, the Anorra Turbines and Towers are a reliable option for rural homeowners, tiny homeowners, and cottage owners to leverage wind-based clean renewable energy to power and heat their homes.



1 Canadian CSA -S37 class 4 and class 3 towers

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