The Cost and Benefits of Wind Energy

Implementing a wind turbine to harvest wind energy can have more benefits than just providing an alternative to fossil fuels. By being a low-cost and always available renewable energy source, wind energy can benefit you in more than one way. To benefit from wind energy, you must first invest in a wind turbine. Today, we will be discussing all the costs involved in acquiring, installing, and maintaining a wind turbine, while using Borrum Energy Solutions' very own microgeneration home turbine, the Anorra, as an example.

What does Harvesting Wind Energy Cost?

To harvest wind energy, you must first acquire a wind turbine. Obtaining the turbine is the step with the highest cost as it usually includes the turbine system and any additional parts/warranties. The price of the Anorra, our microgeneration wind turbine, ranges depending on the tower height and can be found here. The larger the wind turbine, the higher the cost. This point also includes commercial wind turbines or more powerful turbines used for powering up entire homes, farms, or businesses. Wind turbines have a relatively higher initial cost compared to solar panels but, wind turbines can harvest energy much more efficiently, resulting in more energy generated. To see more details on the benefits of hybrid wind and solar setup and the benefits of wind vs solar energy, check out our earlier blog post here.

Another cost involved with owning a wind turbine is the installation fee. Installing a wind turbine can be a difficult task depending on when and where the turbine is being built. The Anorra’s assembly and installation process adds little to no extra cost. It is designed and tested to be assembled by the customer with no special tools and machinery required. While some other turbines may need large equipment to set up the tower and turbine, the Anorra avoids this resulting in low installation costs. Therefore, the Anorra is an excellent alternative to other home wind turbines that cannot be raised by an SUV or Pickup truck.

The final costs of a wind turbine are the maintenance fees. Maintaining a wind turbine is relatively inexpensive and only needs to be done once a year. The process of maintaining a turbine involves routinely checking the anchors, bolts, and other features during the year, especially if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. Most wind turbines come with a warranty, such as the Anorra which includes a bumper-to-bumper warranty. More details on this and the extended warranty can be found here. In general, maintenance fees are among the lowest costs in owning a wind turbine.

What are the Benefits of Wind Energy?

For those looking to purchase a wind turbine, many benefits can help you save money and live a greener, cleaner lifestyle. The wind turbine system starts with the wind itself. One benefit of the wind is its cleanliness and availability. The wind is always available and can power the turbines even during the night. Its cleanliness relates to the lack of pollutants and waste wind creates. Since there is no air pollution and no use of water/steam, wind energy is one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy. These benefits allow customers to place wind turbines in any location they desire, without obstructions, while not having to worry about the lack of wind at night or the pollutants the system creates.

These points are why wind turbines are much different from energy sources today. Traditional grid energy sources such as natural gas still pollute the air and create waste creating a worse environment for the future generation. However, as these fossil fuels become obsolete, wind and other renewable systems will replace them helping create a greener earth for future generations. So, customers can benefit from adopting wind systems as they will not need to worry about the decline of fossil fuel sources as well as staying ahead of trends. Canada, for example, is increasing the capacity of wind energy every year trying to create a healthier planet for all. Check out our infographic relating to this here.

In Conclusion

It is time to implement these renewable energy systems before we corrupt our planet to the point of no return. Now that you have read about the cost of a wind turbine, be prepared to reap the benefits of a clean, renewable energy source to reduce your electricity costs and to help join the fight against climate change.

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