Upgrade on aging assets will cost Manitoba Hydro billions

Manitoba Hydro is spending more than half a billion dollars on annual capital maintenance for its aging infrastructure. To upgrade, they will need to spend an additional $200 million a year to upgrade the aging transmission lines.

Manitoba Hydro says that there is an increasing number of degraded asset failures, and without investment, customers could experience more frequent power outages. 

The increased spending on replacing and repairing the existing infrastructure adds to the pending need for Manitoba Hydro to spend billions more on a new power source by 2029.

Manitoba Hydro states that it cannot service a new energy-intensive customer and warns of actual shortages possible in the next five years without major upgrade to transmission and distribution as well as new power generation. As power becomes more expensive to produce, hydroelectric companies are struggling to promise stable prices, price increase and shortages are bound to become more frequent in the future with the increasing demand for more energy. 

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