Virtual Power Plants

What Are They?

The state of Texas has recently been witnessing blaring heat waves, causing residents to overuse their electrical capabilities for air conditioning purposes. For that reason, the state has passed approval for their new Electrical Grid Pilot Project. The project will allow for the state to develop and demonstrate how the usage of virtual power plants can be coordinated with software to provide backup energy to the grid in times of shortages and high usage.

How do they work?

Virtual power plants are a collection of small-scale energy resources which are pooled together. Distributed energy resources (DER), such as electrical vehicles, storage batteries, wind turbines, and solar panels are all examples of resources that can be used in virtual power plants. From then, through coordination with specific software, the power generated by these resources can then be provided back to the electrical grids. This process is called Net Metering, where contributing individuals can receive credit towards their electrical costs. The difference between Net metering and the “Virtual power plant” is the latter is controlled by the electrical utility through software.

Why are they useful?

In many cases, virtual power plants can aid electrical grids during times of high energy use. The systems have massive benefits due to their ability to scale and to be utilized on such short notice. Virtual power plants possess the ability to provide grave efficiency and flexibility which in turn allows for faster and better reactions to power fluctuations. Compensating households and businesses for the extra power their virtual power plants can provide, will allow for individuals and businesses to earn some extra income while also improving the stability of the power grid for all users.

Improving Your Grid Dependency

Incorporating distributed energy resources (DER) to your property doesn’t only allow for reduced electrical costs, they also provide dwelling owners the ability to be less grid dependent, store excess energy and earn some additional income.  To find out more on microgeneration wind turbines, please visit Borrum Energy Solutions.


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