What is a hybrid energy system?

What is hybrid energy system? Simple. It is when two or more sources of energy are used to produce electricity. This can include electrical, renewable or non-renewable energy sources. A hybrid setup is created so that you are not entirely dependent on one source of power. This will help the user avoid any chances of electricity blackouts.

In the world of renewable hybrid energy systems, the type of system that works best is a combination of solar panels and wind turbines. The mix of these two energy systems actually becomes more efficient than traditional power generators that are dependent on grid/fuel/diesel. The reason being is that during the day, solar energy production is utilized and during cloudy days or nighttime, wind energy production becomes active. These two systems are highly complementary in nature and tend to fill in each other’s gaps.

Here are a few advantages of a hybrid system that includes solar and wind energy:

  1. Higher efficiency and reliability compared to traditional electric generators because there is no wastage of fuel
  2. Uninterrupted electricity supply as they work complementary to one another
  3. Using sustainable energy by making use of the sunny days and the windy nights.
  4. Cost effective in the long run

Although there is an initial cost for installation and purchasing of these systems, the benefits outweigh the cost because of the payoff that would be seen in the following years. If this is a model that interests you, be sure to check out The Anorra, a microgeneration wind turbine designed and developed by Canada’s very own Borrum Energy Solutions. This turbine eliminates installation fees to little or none because it can be mounted with simple household tools. Furthermore, these renewable energy sources could make the user eligible for many grants or rebates issued by the government of Canada (both provincially and federally) to encourage sustainability.


Contact inquiries@borrumenergysolutions for more information and in the meantime check out these resources to help better understand the concept of microgeneration wind turbines.  

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