Why Climate Change is Getting Better

Why Climate Change is Getting Better

Over recent years many people have feared climate change and rightfully so, it has drastically affected our planet to a point where according to NASA the world is now 1.1-degree Celsius warmer.

The main reason behind this fear was the massive increases in the consumption of coal in the 2010’s which naturally had people expecting those increases to continue, but something interesting happened instead. Coal usage rapidly declined.

This phenomenon is best seen by the USA and EU, which have decreased their coal usage by 81% and 233% respectively in the past decade. But even emerging countries like China and India had either static consumptions or only a moderate increase considering their size. This is due to the drastic price drops in both wind and solar power generation.

Wind energy has gotten three times cheaper in the past decade making green energy the new competitive advantage.

More can always be done.

Even though so much is being actively done to prevent climate change there is always more that individuals can do. One of the simplest is investing in clean renewable energy like wind and solar. That’s not to say you need a 100 ft tall wind turbine outside your front door, but even smaller generators can help. A good example is a product like the Anorra, a home wind turbine that makes a difference.


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