Why Lithium-ion Batteries Should Be Used With Caution

Over recent years, lithium-ion batteries have begun catching fire and causing serious injuries and even fatalities. These batteries contain flammable electrolytes, and if the battery is damaged the electrolytes can leak and ignite.

There are obviously several advantages to these batteries considering they are being used worldwide by millions of companies. Some of these advantages include high energy density, which means they can store a large amount of energy while being very light weight and small (this is why companies like Apple use them in their products). They are also proven to have a longer lifespan than a lot of batteries because they can be charged and discharged many times before they start to degrade. They are also fast charging and low maintenance.

Recently there has been several cases of building / house fires caused by these batteries. Firefighters have stated that these fires come without warning and they are extremely intense and hard to extinguish. These fires are usually caused by multiple factors including manufacturing defects, design flaws, charging issues, improper usage, and low-quality components.

It is extremely important to follow the manufacturers guidelines for charging, usage and storage. Borrum Energy Solutions is not dependent on lithium-ion batteries, but they are supported. We recommend storing in a place that is less valuable than a home (like a shed). There are certainly substitutes like AGM batteries, deep cycle lead acid batteries, and more. We want to make sure our consumers are safe and know the risks.

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