Why meeting the CSA S37 Standard is important?

The CSA S37 is a Canadian standard that applies to structural antennas and towers. It covers structural design, to ensure towers remain vertical under extreme conditions. The CSA S37 takes into consideration the impact of wind, icing, and temperature on the tower.

In a report by Donald G. Marshall a engineering consultant, it is mentioned that in the late sixties and early seventies there were a number of guyed tower failures, mostly due to ice buildup on the guy cables. The CSA S37 Technical Committee felt corrective action was required and the standard was updated.

BES meets if not exceeds the latest version of the CSA S37 Standard.

The CSA S37 has been implemented in Canada to ensure the safety and stability of towers. If all CSA S37 criteria are not met, towers are unlikely to survive extreme Canadian weather conditions. Meeting the standard is a must for the safety of Canadians and BES meets that standard

For more information you may refer to our infographic, “Why is CSA S37 Important for Canadians” which can be found on our website.


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