Wind Speed Across Canada

There are several different factors that influence the output of wind turbines such as turbine efficiency, wind speed and air density.

The Anorra is the most efficient microgeneration wind turbine in the market because it was designed to optimize these factors.

Wind speed helps to determine the amount of electricity the turbine will be able to generate. Obviously, the higher the wind speed, the faster the turbines can rotate, and the more electricity the turbines can produce. Wind speed differs from location to location. The air’s density also plays a significant role in this process. The higher the air density, the more energy in the wind. Air density is simply a result of the temperatures in a specific location.

Lucky for us, Canada is blessed with good winds and has some ideal land that can be used to optimize the use of wind turbines. Additionally, the Anorra has been designed and tested to survive even in the coldest weather conditions, making it a trustworthy and competent source for microgeneration wind energy.
Are you curious to see the energy potential of your dwelling’s location in Canada? BES has you covered. Check out the Average Wind Speed Across Canada resource for a small sample size of wind availability nationwide as well as by province and territory.

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