Worlds First CO2 Battery: Storing Renewable Energy

After signing a deal to develop the world's first carbon dioxide battery in the United States, an Italian startup claims it can accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources. The CO2 battery from Energy Dome is intended for utility-scale applications, such as storing renewable energy from wind and solar during periods of excess production.

Cost effective batteries is one of the most significant barriers to the renewable energy transition from fossil fuel sources. Without energy storage, polluting sources must continue to be used. High-capacity batteries, such as lithium-ion, are currently too expensive to be practical on a large scale. Energy Dome claims that its CO2 battery is less expensive, more sustainable, and less prone to degradation than competitors' batteries.

The battery works by condensing CO2 and storing it under pressure as a liquid. When electricity is required, the liquid CO2 is heated and converted into a gas that drives a turbine.

Energy Dome's huge carbon dioxide battery is constructed using components that are readily available, making the technology deployment simple and quick. The business anticipates that its first commercial facility will be operating as early as 2024.

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