BES to attend Arctic C-ICE

We are thrilled to announce that Borrum Energy Solutions will be attending the first Arctic Challenges, Innovations, and Commerce Expo (Arctic C-ICE) organized by Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC). Although we would have enjoyed joining the expo in person, BES will be attending virtually to discuss the potential of wind energy in cold and harsh climates! The expo is focused on existing products and ongoing R&D that will be of economic opportunity for the Arctic. The objective is to host a collaborative discussion on how to approach and address the future of business in the region.

This expo will be taken place from March 16th-17th with the objective of reducing the gap between innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities in the Arctic. BES plans on renewing awareness to the Anorra’s capabilities and benefits especially for Canadian Remote communities in the arctic and sub-arctic regions. If you are interested and looking for product and technology resources for the Arctic region, be sure to sign up for the virtual event.

While you’re at it, be sure to stop by at our booth for questions about microgeneration, wind power, and grants available to sustainable energy users!