Our Takeaways from the Virtual Cottage Life Show!

As you all know, BES recently attended 2021 Virtual Cottage Life Show & Outdoor Living Show with Cottage Life. We decided to take this show as an opportunity to also conduct some market research to better understand cottage owner’s requirements and knowledge about microgeneration wind energy. Our data from the survey is on par with our previous surveys, but this time with a larger survey audience.

Our questions can be generalized into 3 categories; electricity cost concerns, knowledge about microgeneration, and concerns regarding clean energy. Our research shows over 75% of cottage owners are either concerned or extremely concerned with electricity costs. From this survey, about 50% are knowledgable in basic wind energy but more than 60% answers showed less than basic knowledge of microgeneration wind energy.

Once analyzing these numbers, we were able to conclude that electricity is a growing concern for cottage owners and yet they are not aware of the simple solution offered by Borrum Energy Solutions. The Anorra is designed and manufactured to tackle the top 3 concerns for cottage owners: reducing electricity costs, producing clean energy, and avoiding blackouts.

If you’re a cottage owner, look no further! Contact inquiries@borrumenergysolutions for more information and in the meantime check out these resources to help better understand the concept of microgeneration wind turbines.

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