Research with UW Resuming as COVID Lockdown Reduces

The University of Waterloo and Borrum Energy Solutions are pleased to announce that the University-Industry partnership project for the research and testing of fiber-reinforced plastic composite materials for wind turbine blades will restart on June 22, 2020 after being halted by the COVID-19 lockout.  This research leverages the Composites Research Group (CRG) at the University of Waterloo (UW) with Borrum Energy Solutions who specializes in the design and manufacturing of microgeneration wind turbines.  

According to Dr. John Montesano, Assistant Professor and Director of the CRG at the University of Waterloo, “Our group is highly motivated to engage with Borrum Energy Solutions on this exciting research partnership. We have expanded our group's capabilities in the fabrication of cutting-edge composite materials and developed an improved understanding of the mechanical behavior of these new material systems. This partnership has also exposed our group members to real industrial challenges through which we are contributing to an important collaborative initiative.” 

According to Odilon P. Lemieux, Borrum Energy Solutions’ founder and President, “This research partnership with the UW CRG has the potential to identify and validate carbon fiber’s substitutes for the turbine’s blades.  The substitute materials will have to perform well in Northern Canada’s cold temperatures and meet a lower manufacturing cost objective.  This project is supporting our mission to provide customers with cost-effective clean energy solutions towards a more sustainable energy world."

We would like to thank our sponsors and investors who helped make this project a reality.