The Anorra Warranty

The Anorra Microgeneration Wind Turbine

Ensuring that our customers can have peace of mind about their turbines is a top priority here at Borrum Energy Solutions, and is why we have designed our turbine, the Anorra, to put up with extreme conditions while still generating you your valuable power.

It is also why we can offer a 10-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty for the Anorra system, and why we offer extended options for up to 25 years of additional coverage.   

To outline why we can offer such a warranty, we have created a useful info graphic which can be found on our resources page. But, for the sake of convenience I will summarize it here.

You can trust our Anorra because we design it with the most extreme Canadian climates in mind. To put up with such conditions, we start with choosing the best materials for the job.

The Anorra’s tower is constructed of galvanized steel and aluminum. This combination provides us with the best mix of being both strong enough to handle extreme winds, and light enough to be raised with an ATV or small car.

The blades are made from carbon fiber, an advanced material often used in the aerospace industry where maximum strength is needed while weight must be kept at a minimum. We chose it for our turbine blades because it is extremely resistant to deformation when temperatures shift.

To ensure the blades do not get eroded by airborne particulates, we designed them with added protection on the leading edge. This is especially important in sea-shore environments where there is a high concentration of salt in the air.

This combination of materials paired with our thorough engineering results in a turbine that can put up with almost anything mother nature can throw at it. To prove this, the Anorra has been put to the test, meeting, and exceeding the ASTM B117 standards for corrosion resistance and the IEC 61400-2 standards for extreme-weather worthiness. The Anorra has also been tested by an independent agency down to temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius, far colder than anywhere on Earth.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our other blog posts as well as our resources page where you can find all sorts of information about our products and why wind is the best energy solution for you.

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