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The Global Wind Industry sets a new record for 2021 and these are our takeaways

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has recently released the global wind report for 2021 and let’s just say things have been windy for the industry. The global wind industry set a new annual record in the past year of 93 gigawatt installations around the world even in the face of a global pandemic! What does this mean?

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Wind Speed Across Canada

There are several different factors that influence the output of wind turbines such as turbine efficiency, wind speed and air density. Lucky for us, Canada is blessed with good winds and has some ideal land that can be used to optimize the use of wind turbines.

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Company News

Watch BES at Arctic C-ICE

Borrum Energy Solutions recently attended the Arctic C-ICE Expo where we talked about our microgeneration wind turbine and how it can take on even the toughest of Arctic winters. The founder and president of BES, Odilon P Lemieux, expanded on how and why the Anorra is ideal for communities in the North

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BES’s New Generation Website

BES has worked countless hours in the last few months researching and redesigning to finally update our website. We are delighted to officially announce that our new website has been finally launched.  BES wants to ensure that the website is easy to navigate and user friendly. Check out all the new resources we have also added

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