Choosing the Right Tower Height for Your Anorra

Choosing the right tower height for your Anorra turbine is crucial for ensuring you get the power you need to your home. The higher your tower, the more wind is available to generate that power for you. However, in places of high wind, lower towers may be an option. Let's walk through selecting the perfect tower height for you. 

1. Determine the Direction of the Dominant Wind

The first step to selecting the right tower height is determining where the dominant wind comes from. In North America, dominant winds generally flow west to east. Check your local weather report to be certain.

2. Locate any Obstructions to the Dominant Wind

Once you establish where the dominant wind originates from, you can evaluate any possible obstructions in that direction. Estimate the height of these obstructions as you will need a 20ft clearance for the turbine. Here are some base estimates:

Height Estimates

3. Add 20ft to the Tallest Obstruction's Height

Once you determine the height of the tallest obstruction, add 20ft. This number is your minimum tower height for the turbine. Our towers are 24ft, 48ft, and 69ft; be sure to round up!

4. Ensure You Have the Required Area for Installation

Finally, consider the installation process. Our turbines are assembled horizontally and then raised. It is important that you have the area to build the turbine flat and then raise it. As an example, a 48ft tower will need at least 48ft of land on which to be constructed before being raised.

Here's an example to tie it all together:

Mary has no obstructions surrounding her property so she selects a 24ft tower. In addition, the turbine has a 6ft diameter. With a total length of 30ft, she chooses to assemble and install her turbine in the middle of 60ftx40ft property. She will have the space for horizontal assembly.

Check out our Infographic on this topic for visuals and a real-life example of how height affects annual energy production. 

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