Microgeneration Wind Around the World

Large-scale wind power projects are continuing to pop-up around the world at an ever-increasing rate, providing clean, renewable energy to millions.

And well those are great for supplementing entire electrical grids, off-grid applications exist and need to be accounted for. This is where microgeneration wind turbines come in.

In this post, we are going to be exploring a couple of unique applications of microgeneration wind turbines from around the world.

Super Streetlamps

The first example comes from China. Here they have developed streetlights that are self contained renewable power stations. The lights are powered by a combination of two renewable energy sources: a wind turbine and a small solar panel. The power produced by these sources is stored in batteries so it can light the streetlamps LED’s all night.

Green Garage

Coming from Chicago in the United States, the second solution is a combination of microgeneration wind and efficient architecture.

The parking garage uses two columns of vertical axis wind turbines stacked on top of each other. This turbine design was chosen because they can rotate in exceptionally light winds, perfect for a city environment where wind levels are often low and unpredictable.

All of these turbines produce enough power to illuminate the exterior of the building all night.

But the turbines are not the only interesting design feature of this parking garage. The walls of each level were designed to be 20% open to allow ventilation without the need of ductwork and expensive air handlers.

The Anorra Microgeneration Wind Turbine

The Anorra Microgeneration Wind Turbine

So, now that you know about some of the cool ways microgeneration turbines are being used around the world, consider checking out our microgeneration turbine, the Anorra.

Our turbine is designed to withstand the harshest of Canadian climates and has been tested down to -50 degrees Celsius. If you want to learn more about what makes the Anorra so tough, check out these infographics: How the Anorra Conquers Cold Environments, The Anorra Warranty

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out this post for more info on microgeneration: Microgeneration 101

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