Rebates and Incentives for Wind Power in Canada

Did you know that there are other benefits of converting to a sustainable source of energy on top of saving the environment? Did you know that the government literally has grants and incentives in place to encourage their citizens on their journey towards becoming more sustainable? As an initiative to incentivize citizens to reduce their carbon footprint, the Government of Canada as well as provincial & territorial governments have set up grants/rebates to ease the transition to clean and sustainable energy. . Setting up your sustainable energy source such as a residential wind turbine might require some initial investment but with these grants in place, you have the potential of saving more than ever before. Since our last blog about these grants, there are many new programs have come to our attention.

Federal Incentives

Tax Incentives for Clean Energy Equipment: This initiative comes under the Income Tax Act and Income Tax Regulations where businesses can expense their clean energy equipment FULLY.

British Columbia

First Nations Home Energy Save: This program helps build sustainable homes in the BC area for the people of the Indigenous community. The program helps families transition towards energy efficient housing and avoid the high energy costs.


Net Billing Program: This unique program allows individuals to sell the energy they produce BACK to the grid for commercial purposes or credit purposes. This means you can either make money off the energy you produce or use it to pay off other energy bills.

New Brunswick

Total Home Energy Savings Program: This program is a simple concept where your energy outputs are evaluated and used to calculate an annual rebate. Based on your eligibility, you can expect a rebate directly deposited into your bank account!

Northwest Territories

Antarctic Energy Improvement Rebates: This initiative has been started by a non-profit and could earn your business a rebate of up to $50,000. This has the potential of covering 50% of your project costs!

Antarctic Energy Renewable Residential Rebates: This is another initiative by the same non-profit that can earn your residential homes up to $20,000 in rebates for becoming more sustainable.

Nova Scotia

Clean Energy Financing: As the page clearly says, this is an investment in your homes that will pay for itself. This initiative helps create a financing option for your choice of sustainable energy source.


Solar or Wind-powered Water Pump Grant for Farms: This grant encourages both wind turbines and solar panels. Farmers can apply for this grant and can earn 50% rebates on all their wind energy equipment and up to $500 in rebate for their solar power systems.


Yukon Renewable Energy Rebates: This rebate is offered by Yukon Energy and is set up to incentivize the people to become more sustainable. All electricity generating systems that use renewable energy are eligible for up to $5,000 in rebate. This includes all wind, hydro, solar, biomass, and geothermal systems.

Microgeneration Program: This is another program set up by Yukon Energy similar to Manitoba’s Net Billing Program where owners are able to “sell” the surplus energy they have generated back to the grid.

Honourable Mentions

Net Metering Program – British Columbia
Net Metering Program – New Brunswick
Net Metering Program – Newfound Land & Labrador
Net Metering Program – Northwest Territories
Net Metering Program – Nova Scotia
Net Metering Program – Nunavut
Net Metering Program – Ontario
Net Metering Program – Prince Edward Island
Net Metering Program – Quebec
Net Metering Program – Saskatchewan

The Net Metering Programs differ slightly depending on the province and the service providers but in a sense the program is selling back your surplus energy to the local service providers in exchange for credit or money.

These programs, rebates and grants play a significant role when deciding whether or not you want to switch energy sources. Assembly, and maintenance of the equipment also play a noteworthy role during this transition. The Anorra has been created to make your life easy. With its simple setup requiring minimal tools and minimal assembly skills, you too can become one step closer to a sustainable home.

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