Wind power can get you one step closer to your cottage

Canadians love the summer season and cottages play a big role in their enjoyment. Some may even say the Canadian dream is to become a cottage owner. But it seems that the price of seasonal escape is higher than you would expect. Cottages require additional maintenance compared to their urban counterparts. The biggest disadvantage of owning a cottage is the high maintenance fees that owners must pay. Due to the rural nature of the home, certain things become less accessible than they are in the city.

A prime example of this is your utility and electricity bills as a cottage owner. This is simply because it is pricy to maintain the grid distribution system up to your cottage areas. BES wants you to know that this does not have to get in the way of your cottage dreams. There are other ways to mitigate these expenses and reduce your costs. Sustainable energy is a great way to cushion yourself from these extensive bills. The bonus to this is that your lifestyle will become kinder to the beautiful nature you wish to soak in at your cottage.

For the price of a depreciating Jacuzzi, you can now produce your own electricity with the appreciating Anorra. A Canadian microgeneration wind turbine made to help mitigate the high electricity expenses of cottages.

Be sure to visit us at our live booth at the virtual cottage life show. If you purchase or book the Anorra at the show, you will be eligible for a special 500$ discount available until July 1st!


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