Seasons & Installing a Wind Turbine

In short, the answer is no; however, the sooner the better. As summer comes to an end and fall rolls in as quickly as it does here in Canada, the window for turbine installation is closing. 

Why does season matter?

With the Anorra, installation is easily completed in 1-2 days using common household tools and a vehicle with 4WD (SUV, truck, ATV, etc.). In order to secure the turbine in place, earth and rock anchors are used. To implant these swiftly and with ease, soft soil and exposed rock are required - i.e. spring/summer/fall conditions. 

The Anorra will benefit you the most in the winter when winds are high and the need for heat is as well. Providing a reliable, off-grid energy source for remote locations to ensure that no one experiences a blackout in the middle of a Canadian winter. 

What can I do to get my turbine in time? 

If you have unanswered questions, send us an email. If you're ready to offset your carbon emissions and total electricity costs, place a deposit today and we'll be in touch. You can still have your turbine delivered in time for installation before the snow arrives. 

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