How Microgeneration Energy Could Have Saved Texas

As we all know, this past week Texas had been targeted by a massive snowstorm which was unlike anything the state had experienced before. Texas, normally known for its warm weather, was unprepared for the cold temperatures that came their way. The snowstorm caused major power outages, water shortage and many frozen gas pipes. Unfortunately, the unprecedented storm affected most sources of energy including coal, natural gas, nuclear, and wind energy. We cannot help but think how microgeneration energy could have mitigated the effects of the storm. One of the biggest advantage of a microgeneration wind turbine is that it connects directly to the residence and does not rely on the grid to generate electricity for the owner. Texas dwelling owners with an installed microgeneration wind turbine would have avoided the heatless days and lightless evenings. 

See how The Anorra could have prevented this 
Car in snow storm

It is valid for the state to have invested in windmills or other sustainable energy sources that do not require the extra winter maintenance as they have not witnessed such weather in the past. But moving forward, it may be in their best interest to factor in global climate changes while investing taxpayer money. If the turbines are made to withstand harsh winter weather, in situations of a snowstorm or blizzard, wind energy is probably one of the more reliable sources of energy. Fortunately, the American neighbors to the North have some experience in dealing with cold winters.

The occurrence of this snowstorm has opened everyone’s eyes to the importance of being able to generate your own electricity and not fully relying on grid energy. Sustainable energy options such as The Anorra would definitely be worthwhile to investigate in order to avoid the struggles of a power outage in the future. The Anorra was designed to specifically help remote areas that are unable to receive grid energy. It can also be used by tiny homes and cottage owners to help reduce their overall energy costs. The idea of a wind turbine in your backyard helping you generate your own energy while reducing monthly hydro bills seems more attractive than ever (storm or no storm). For more information on the Anorra and Microgeneration, click here

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