Why You Shouldn’t put a Wind Turbine underneath the Christmas Tree

Why you shouldn't put a microgeneration wind turbine underneath the Christmas tree
  1. It might not fit under the tree

Wind turbines are big, even microgeneration ones, so don’t expect it to tuck under the tree with all of the other presents.

  1. It may overshadow the kids presents and make them a bit jealous.

That Lego set is going to look awfully tiny next to a turbine, so your kids may be left feeling a bit underwhelmed with their Christmas experience.

  1. Hopefully there isn’t enough wind in the house to produce electricity.

Your house must be pretty drafty if a microgeneration turbine can spin underneath the tree. Maybe you should check out our post, 2 quick tips to check your windows and doors for drafts

  1. It would take a lot of wrapping paper.

Big things require a lot of wrapping paper so maybe just install the turbine when you get it and start realizing the savings right away! And our microgeneration turbine is meant to help the environment, not produce a bunch waste!

  1. Who decides where to place the Bow?

You can’t wrap something without putting a bow on it!

  1. May require a long explanation once unwrapped.

The cost savings that you will realize when you install a microgeneration wind turbine may not make up for the fact that the kids wanted to go to Disney world this year… But Hey! At least the whole family can help install it!

  1. Who would you gift it to?

Odds are, the people you are buying gifts for are not expecting a microgeneration wind turbine. So maybe just gift it to yourself! 

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